Abraham Drinkin'

Jul 22



this started as a joke that turned into a thing before realizing there’s no way I’m going to finish it. 


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can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

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Quick someone help me with a way to make $50 so my phone doesn’t get turned off.
I tried donating plasma but my veins are invisible or something and so they turned me away after I sat there and waited for 2 hours.

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Jul 21


#DetroitGazasolidarity #DetroitPalestineSolidarity #Palestine
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#DetroitGazasolidarity #DetroitPalestineSolidarity #Palestine

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inthegreenwood said: Why don't you do more science in a top hat?

I have done very little science in a top hat, it’s true. However, my records indicate I’ve still done more science in a top hat than you. Be the Top Hat Scientist you want to see in the world. Top hats aren’t even that expensive. If you steal them.

haveapancake said: ughhhh why

You are the reason pandas in captivity won’t mate, because they’re all really in love with you, which makes you a Disney Princess when you think about it, but also Panda Hitler.

Anonymous said: brah

sorry, brah. Already had an anon. TOO SLOW!

Anonymous said: What is your very favorite frozen dairy product

Um, nerd? Clearly the best frozen treat is exactly the same as the best non-frozen treat, except it’s frozen.